Our festival theme this year is
Stories told eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart” (Traveller proverb).

Tradition bearers bring wisdom from the ancestors to illuminate our future,
weaving new understandings from the web of old stories.
“There was a belief that the world was one great beating heart…”


  • March 3 | Storytelling at the Gladstone | Showcasing Toronto talent at the Gladstone Hotel in a full day of adult storytelling from 10am- 6pm.  Let’s fill the Ballroom and the Melody Bar and rejoice in this stellar program of ambitious and adventurous stories and our adept and admirable storytellers!
  • March 2-17 | Storyfire | Fringe-style events highlighting creative diversity in self-produced shows, workshops, and gatherings in venues across the city.  The fire is kindled on March 2 with the 26th Katari Japanese Storytelling Show  Southern Breeze from Okinawa, and kept glowing bright with venerable veteran tellers bringing us Hans Christian Andersen’s famous story The Snow Queen. In between, you will find an abundance of events to warm yourselves by.
  • March 20, 21, 22 | Storytellers’ Camp | Each day offers an in-depth exploration of traditional and contemporary expressions of storytelling for tellers experienced and inexperienced from 9am-3:30pm.  It’s an opportunity to drink deeply from the creative wellsprings that inspire our visiting tellers; they have come from afar to share this water of life with us
  • March 18-24 | Festival Week | Featuring International, National, and Local tellers;
    • Scottish Traveller Jess Smith brings stories and ballads from her culture
    • Seannachaidh Seoras Macpherson from Skye shares traditional stories passed down through generations
    • Donald Smith from Edinburgh gathers global storytelling activists
    • UK storyteller Peter Chand and music producer PKCtheFirst blast Indian storytelling into the 21st century with a unique blend of Urban Hip Hop and classical South Asian sounds
    • Louise Profeit-LeBlanc from the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation in northeastern Yukon comes from a long line of storytellers
    • Sharon Shorty is from the Tlingit, Northern Tutchone and Norwegian people
    • Festival Elder Ron Evans and Jose Brown bring their brightness
    • Festival Ambassador Itah Sadu hosts Storytalks at A Different Booklist Cultural Centre: The People’s Residence
    • and so much more!


Would you like to tell your story at the 2019 Toronto Storytelling Festival? Storyfire is a Fringe-style citywide celebration of storytelling. Storytellers based in the GTA self-produce shows in a wide variety of venues: libraries, cafes, theatres, bars, community centres, storywalks, etc. The goal of Storyfire is to make the art of storytelling accessible to people throughout
the city.

We are accepting submissions to Storyfire for web promotion only until January 2, 2019 @ 5:00pm.  Storyfire is not curated and the Festival does not pay Storyfire artists, though Storyfire artists may charge admission.

NB: March 8 is International Women’s Day, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, and March Break is from March 10 – 15, all of which provide lots of programming opportunities. We may ask you to make an adjustment in your event date to ensure the best possible attendance for Storyfire events.

All performances presented during the Festival and as part of Storyfire must respect the City of Toronto’s Anti-Racism, Access and Equity policy.

To have your performance(s) included in the 2019 Toronto Storytelling Festival, fill out the submission form below.

Storyfire Information & Submission Form (PDF)

Storyfire Information & Submission Form (WORD)

Email submissions to: admin@storytellingtoronto.org


The Toronto Storytelling Festival was founded in 1979.  It is one of North America’s biggest urban storytelling
celebrations, bringing together the finest storytellers from around the world and across Canada.
For more information visit torontostorytellingfestival.ca

Festival Contacts:
Festival Artistic Director: Dawne McFarlane, festivaldirector@storytellingtoronto.org
Festival Administrator: Anna-Lynn Filice, festivaloperations@storytellingtoronto.org