Professional Level Storyteller

Phone Number: 416-657-8165


SIBoucaud can often be heard listening to and telling stories at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She can often be heard bracketing her stories with a tune before and after the telling.

A strong believer that stories chose their channel she has authored four e-books

( located on . They are ” boucaud in the story : 2017 ” (ISBN  978-0-9940665-3-4 ) ; ” boucaud in the story: 7 plus 1 stories ” ( ISBN  978-0-9940665-0-3); “boucaud in the story, stories to art-expressionistic,2013 to 2015” ( ISBN  978-0-9940665-2-7) and “boucaud in the story :  8 short stories , for older teenagers and adult” ( ISBN 978- 0-9940665-1-0).

The fifth book authored by SIBoucaud has been published by Iguana Books. It is a collection of all the stories and poems contained in the above books. The title of this book is “boucaud in the story: 2013- 2017.” This book is available for purchase with Barnes and Noble, Amazon and ebookmall.

A professional level storyteller, SIBoucaud can be reached by emailing her at Her telling and tunes have been described by some as gripping, unsettling and at times loving. Some listeners have the feeling of being plucked from the present reality and placed into another.

For further information regarding this storyteller please go to “” and “ .”

It is this storyteller’s opinion that stories can tuck you into bed at night and wake you up refreshed. They are a place to retreat to safety. How bland life would be without a story.

In keeping with social responsibility, 10 percent of the net (whether from the books she has authored or from the stories she has been hired to tell) will go to charity. The amount and the receiver will be published on her websites in 2019.

Target Audience

The majority of tellings are suitable for adult audiences.

Geographic Area

There are no geographic boundaries as long as the host is willing to pay for accommodation and transportation to the event outside of Toronto.