Professional Level Storyteller

Name: Brenda Byers
Phone Number: (905) 808-3335


Brenda Byers performs spirited stories blended with music, songs and rhythm often accompanied by listeners of all ages. Her captivating style of storytelling engages audiences from the kitchen table to the stage. Brenda is Artistic Director for Storywyse.
Brenda’s childhood was fraught with perils. She taunted the monsters in her closet who gave up trying to scare her because it was no fun, booby-trapped the neighbourhood bully’s boxing gloves and remained bravely left-handed when her first year Kindergarten teacher flunked her for faking it. She is drawn to folk and fairy tales from around the world. With guitar, ocean drum and sometimes the spoons, there are songs and ballads dating back centuries and then forward again to the 40’s!
She has performed for concerts and festivals across Canada and in England. She tells for public and house concerts, schools, Family Literacy events, churches and museums. You can hear her at the Button Factory for Stories Aloud in Waterloo, A Different Drummer Books in Burlington, Fresh Stories in Cambridge and wherever else she pops up!
Brenda is a member of Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada, The Baden Storytellers’ Guild, The Burlington Storytellers’ Guild, Hamilton Storytellers’ Circle, Storytelling Toronto and The Uppity Women.


Brenda’s telling in schools supports the Ontario curriculum in language arts, the environment, art & music, history, and culture awareness & understanding. Students use their imagination muscles to retell fairy tales, create their own stories and explore family history.

And then there are:

The Moonlit Road
‘Keep to the path little one and don’t get lost.’ Follow Brenda as she wends her way off the path to hauntings, urban myths and the macabre. She promises she will lead you back to the Moonlit Road all aquiver.

Winter Magic Tales to Keep You Warm

An Afternoon/Evening of Grimms for Adults

Canadian, eh?

One-a-penny, Two-a-penny, What’s-a-penny?
Tales of old-fashioned things

As You Wish…yes, you. Pick a theme and Brenda will tailor stories to suit it

Programs / Workshops Offered

Vintage Wisdom Tales is a program designed to keep generations woven together by encouraging elders to craft memories into stories for sharing with a younger generation. Personal reminiscences are valuable hand-me-downs.

The Tales & Tunes of Enchantment for children is a fun storytelling program combined with crafts, music, dance and a kazoo band. Through folk and fairy tales, children are introduced to other cultures and a wide variety of learning tools. (Works as a storytelling residency, approximately 10 hours.)

Target Audience

Ages 3 and beyond

Geographic Area

Burlington, Southern Ontario and really, anywhere in the world

Byers, Brenda