Professional Level Storyteller

Name: McFarlane Dawne
Phone Number: (416) 462-3280


My first childhood memory of storytelling is sitting around a lakeside campfire in Northern Ontario with my family, my Scottish Grandfather illuminated by firelight and silhouetted by stars as he told stories. An enchanting Gaelic brawl rolled through his powerful voice. With that gift in my heart, I have been travelling a storyteller’s journey interwoven with world music and dance, with 30 years of artistic collaboration with independent choreographers, dancers, Sign Language Interpreters, musicians, and clowns. As a parent and teacher, I have been telling and teaching around campfires, outdoor bread ovens, kitchen tables, and in classrooms for 25 years. I have performed as a guest artist at international storytelling festivals in Toronto, Vancouver, and Edinburgh. I teach the art and craft of storytelling through the grades to teachers in Canada and abroad. The power of storytelling to open hearts and minds and bring people together continues to inspire me.


Folk and fairy tales from around the world
Jataka Tales and Stories from India
Stories and songs from Scotland and Ireland
Legend and Myth from around the world
Sacred stories around the world
Story, music, and dance collaboration

Programs / Workshops Offered

Storytelling Programs: 20 minutes- 1 hour
• Psyche and Eros: the Greek myth of transformation and love
• Under the Kilt: stories and songs about the plaid from Scotland, for adults
• Stories and Songs from Scotland: for all ages
• The Flying Horse of Earthdom: from legendary Scottish Traveler Duncan Williamson
• Brogues and Bare Feet: stories of the Good People from Scotland and Ireland
• The School of the Moon: stories of courage and wit and cattle raiding in the Scottish Highlands
• The Divine Feminine and Women Who Transform: Wise Women, Saints, and Selkies
• Sassie Lassies: a seriously playful collection of stories celebrating powerful women
• A Garden in the Wilderness: trees and whales and the stories they tell
• Threshold Stories: places where nature, human, and spirit realms meet
• Tales for the Midlife Traveler: a collection of midlife stories from around the world that feature humour, shifting perspectives and gender role reversals
• Stories for a Sacred Season: light in the darkness, midwinter, Winter Solstice, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas
• Christmas stories from around the world
• Celebrating Mother Earth: on Earth Day and every day

Storytelling Workshops: 2 hours and longer with creative movement, writing, and telling exercises
• Psyche and Eros: experience the Greek myth that has inspired artists since it was first written in the second century, a story so full of wisdom it has been called a map of love
• Dancing Sunwise: One of the ancient traditions of Beltane involved walking sunwise around a holy well, praying for health and leaving offerings. As we celebrate the renewed fertility of Mother Earth in early spring, renew your own creative wellsprings
• Sisters Speak: telling and writing our stories
• Rhythm and Gesture as Memory Tools for Myth Telling: working with The Odyssey and other myths
• The S/hero’s journey: explore the symbols and patterns of traditional tales to give shape to your personal stories
• The Everyday Magic of Fairy Tales: explore a traditional tale and create your own original one
• More Than Fairy Tales: selecting, learning and telling age-appropriate stories for and with young children
• The Elements of Story: earth, air, water, and fire as symbols and characters in story and in relationship
• Stories for a Sacred Season: festivals around the world celebrate light in the darkness with food, story, and song at midwinter. Savour some of these stories and gather nourishment to create your own festivals with your families, communities, and schools.

Target Audience

All ages; families and communities
Children; Kindergarden-Gr.8, High School
Adults; teachers, parents, grandparents, caregivers, educators, writers, storytellers, artists
University; teacher education programs, creative writing programs

Geographic Area

Toronto, Ontario, Canada and beyond; I have performed and taught in Iceland and Scotland and am delighted to travel.

McFarlane, Dawne