Name: Brian Holstein
Phone Number: n/a


Brian is a retired teacher, so storytelling comes to him naturally. A member of the Guelph Guild of Storytellers, he performs in Guelph on the second Wednesday of each month. He has also told at festivals in Ottawa, Kitchener, Brampton, Baden, and was the guest teller at the inauguration of the Owen Sound Storytellers.

Brian has helped organize the weekly “Tea and Tales”; where he and other tellers share their stories with seniors in the open air at Guelph’s Enabling Garden during the summer months. Entering its 10th year, the event now draws upward of 65 listeners and has a waiting list of tellers, some from as far as Toronto.

Brian has portrayed many of Guelph’s former citizens as an actor with the annual Spirit Walks, formerly held at the grave sites, and the at the homes of these departed souls. He has a particular liking to enact the lives of blustery and cantankerous members of the pioneer community. He has carried these characters to portrayals at the Woodlawn’s Believe It Or Not evenings.
He periodically returns to his Australian homeland – usually by circuitous routes – where he talks to everyone and anyone, collecting stories and anecdotes to reshape and retell.



Target Audience

Adults - not small children

Geographic Area

Locally within the Guelph/Cambridge/KW areas.
Holstein, Brian