Professional Level Storyteller

Name: Shoshana Litman
Phone Number: (250) 589-1250


Shoshana Litman tells vivid tales, drawn from traditional sources enlivened with original text and melodies, to audiences of all ages. She has spun delightful yarns, often with audience participation, since 1997 & travels the world with stories!


For Adults and Youths: Joyous Wisdom Tales
Delightful tales of triumph provide encouragement and joy. Experience traditional stories with wonderful insights about the power of words to heal or to destroy, the resilience of compassionate people and the transformation of even the cruelest king. Narratives from Shoshana’s well-travelled life help weave the stories together. Original melodies, catchy phrases and provocative questions invite audience participation in the spellbinding experiences Shoshana creates.

For Children: Travel the World with Stories
Explore the world with delightful stories, engaging melodies and fun sound effects. Enjoy the adventures of a boy who saves Szechuan, China from drought in the “Dragon’s Pearl” and a girl who saves the world with music in “Frida’s Flute.” Sing along with intrepid animals and people in the “Magic Tree” of Africa and the “Noisy House” of Poland. Shoshana’s tales take you to amazing places and bring you home again, happy and ready for more!

Programs / Workshops Offered

Hone your Most Precious Instrument: You!
Shoshana shares some of the wisdom she’s learned from more than 20 years of professional storytelling. This inspiring workshop features easy to remember breathing, movement and vocal exercises. These tips help invigorate storytellers, enhancing their ability to tell lively tales and provide memorable performances. Intended for beginning and more experienced storytellers who want to enliven their storytelling with exercises they can practice at home or on the road.

Unleash your Inner Storyteller
Have you ever told someone what you did, or about a great or terrible meal, or anything from your own experiences? Then you are a storyteller and this workshop can help you craft memorable tales. Shoshana models easy to tell yarns for people who want to find out more or who are beginner storytellers. She fills your toolbox with step by step instructions, as well as helpful and practical storytelling techniques. You can practice these techniques in a small group, to the whole class, or come and listen.

Target Audience

Children, youth and/or adults

Geographic Area

The world!