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Name: kim michele
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“They would dance deftly in a ring with merry twinkling feet.There was a bard to sing to them and play his lyre. There was a bard to sing to them and play his lyre, while tumblers set about performing in the midst of his tune” Homer, 590 BC

A diverse performer, Author, Storyteller, RCM Artist Educator and Musician. She blends her enchanting voice combining storytelling amid the sounds of the ancient harp with tales of fairy, folklore, legends, poetry, rhyme and her original stories and songs that reflect upon summers in a cottage by the sea. Kim has a love for the old ancient traditional ballads and performs them in story and song.
She is a featured artist at various literary festivals, storytelling festivals ,concerts and is experienced in performing for a variety of audiences, schools, libraries, festivals and cultural events.

Her collaborative programs and workshops suit the curriculum themes and seasons to reinforce educational studies and encourage language and literacy skills through the creation of story, poetry song and other mediums

Kim Michele is editor for the Canadian Storytellers for Children’s Barrel of Stories and the author of a series of short stories including “Emma’s Garden”.

Children and adults alike can experience the magic of music and story encouraging their boundaries with creativity, enchantment and delight.


Arts Infused Storytelling for Schools, Libraries, Festivals, Theatre, Cultural and Special Events Program
Enriching schools JK-8, libraries and other venues through music/story and supporting participation-(sing-chant-move-dance-explore-express-create-listen). Enhancing core curriculum areas and supporting successful learning, curiosity, self expression, social skills and cooperation.

Ancient Ballads /The Bonnie Lass of Angelsey
A Ballad is poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ballads have been passed on orally from one generation to the next as part of the folk culture. Kim has a love for the old traditional ballads from the 13th Century and onwards and performs them with story and song. She takes an ancient ballad from Britain about a brave lassie who champions over the king and his knights and rewrites in story form. An interactive program including repetitive lines for call and response, circle dance, body percussion and singing in rounds with movement.

History and Heritage
Kim writes personal/family stories about her east coast heritage with original music to compliment the story such as “Emma’s Garden” a series of short stories where she spent her childhood summers. She combines traditional world ballads with or without musical accompaniment via songs and plays old toe tapping tunes of past generations sung or danced in the kitchen or round the fire before technology to compliment the stories.

Moments in Canadian History
Longfellow’s poem had a powerful effect defining both Acadian history and identity in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Kim Michele will take listeners to her roots in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia where she grew up listening to the local stories, history and abounding heritage. She retells “The Story of Evangeline” merging a mixture of poetry and rewrites in story form with a sprinkling of history including french songs from Quebec, Normandy, Brittany, Picardy and Poitou France accompanied with voice and harp, that is fused together to recreate the tragic events that befell the Acadian community in 1755.
Solo or Duo Collaborations

Kim Michele and Heather Whaley also collaborate to create adaptations of ‘Classic Tales’ and also compose original works, which include both story and song.
Summer Seas and Memories – To sweep you across and through rhythmic waves of tradition and contemporary life that will take you to your own special place of memory. “A perfect literary compliment to our festival – Your professionalism certainly came through!” Stella Ducker, Stellar Literary Festival.
Love Voices in the Wind – Love is kind. Love is cruel. Love is real; A musical, poetic journey through stories and songs that transcend visual imagery in the realm of fantasy and realism.
Tales to the Tune of the Celts – Irish and Scottish tales and tunes to make you laugh and cry, and join in for a good Craic! Can be adapted to a separate Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or Brittany theme.

Classic Tales – Kim Michele and Heather Whaley also collaborate to create adaptations of ‘Classic Tales’ and also compose original works, which include both story and song. All programs are designed for Stage, Corporate Events, Schools, Art Venues and Festivals.
The Nutcracker – ADAPTATION of author E.T.A. Hoffman’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King 1815 (German). Performed in costume, and Heather and Kim bring not the Nutcracker Ballet version to stage, but a dramatic narrative of what was originally written as a dark, frightening story of a battle between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King. They retain the music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky with compositions on Harp and through vocalize. Suitable for older children, youth, and adults. November to January.

The Nightingale – ADAPTATION of Danish poet and author Hans Christian Anderson’s The Nightingale 1843. The Nightingale is a fairy tale about an emperor of China who hears that the most beautiful thing in his own land is the song of the nightingale bird. Performed in costume, Heather and Kim bring this wonderfully sensitive tale to a new level of understanding with Chinese and Japanese folk-songs transposed for harp, vocals, and guitar and selected due to their entrancing lyrics, which blend with the storyline. Suitable for older children, youth, and adults. May to September.

Programs / Workshops Offered

Hands on “Workshops” Music-Storytelling – Dance-Folktales-
Students will receive an introduction to a mosaic of music and storytelling through the sounds of the harp, Students will listen to timeless story ballads, as well as harp history. Each student has the opportunity to explore the creative process with Hands on Harp. Learn the Do Re Mi to play a simple song. Sing a French nursery song, sing in rounds. Cross curricular links using storytelling to Social Studies Worlds Connects, Science of Sound, Drama and Language Arts are evident throughout the lessons. Experience, explore and grow musically with music story and song.

Kim partners and makes cross curricular connections in her programs encompassing the arts and fostering creativity and innovation. She has a variety of early period programming that is adapted and delightful participation for the very young and grows more sophisticated for older listeners. An interactive program including story, song and rhyme with repetitive lines for call and response, sword dance , body percussion and singing in rounds with movement.

Special Needs Programs
Kim Michele creates Hands on collaborative workshops geared for youth with special needs 13-24 year olds focused on leadership skills through storytelling, music, dance and drama which includes historical narratives such as celebrating the War of 1812. Students’ develop communication skills responding to various prompts and dramatic improvisation within the narratives as the participants explore the creative process and take the lead.

Target Audience

Children and adults alike can experience the magic of music and story encouraging their boundaries with creativity, enchantment and delight.

Geographic Area

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