Professional Level Storyteller

Name: Briane Nasimok
Phone Number: (416) 606-1764
Website: n/a


After a decade of performing stand-up comedy and two decades of trying to get over it, Briane finally turned to his storytelling roots six years ago, graduating from Tracey Erin Smith’s “Soulotheatre” workshop to create a one person show “Confessions of an Operatic Mute” which received outstanding reviews at Fringe Festivals across the country.

In the last two years his focus has been on sharing personal stories, mostly showcasing his keen sense of humour and observation gained from too many attempts to find love, fame fortune and happiness – not necessarily in that order.

Many of his stories can be found be on the Windsor Square webpage from the days he was a contributing essayist.


“Confessions of an Operatic Mute”

45- 60 minute presentation taking the author from his first visit to the theatre at age 8 through touring North America as an opera supernumerary – appearing 287 in performances before finally getting to solo – and retiring as Canada Foremost Operatic Mute.

“Now Where Was I”

45-60 minute presentation continuing in Briane’s journey to find fame, fortune and happiness which struggling through careers as a stand-up comic, Canadian film star (of sorts), television writer (while working on Sesame Street he got to put his head through Oscar’s garbage can) and live event producer.

Programs / Workshops Offered

“But That’s another Story”

A two hour workshop to help individuals develop their own story using the tools of improvisation.

Briane performed and taught improvisation for over two decades. He ran a series of classes for the Toronto Board of Education for five years, taught an advanced class for Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Program and has coached numerous performers including The Kids in the Hall. He is a member of the Canadian national Champions

Target Audience

Briane can teach a specialize course for students ages 10 to 15 and has given workshops for both corporate organizations and theatre companies.

Geographic Area

Available to go almost anywhere however I do not have a license to operate a motor vehicle so …