Name: Suzanne Banay Santo
Phone Number: (416) 481-1027


Suzanne Banay Santo is a lover of heartfelt communication and the stories that come down to us as medicines for the soul. Writer, teller, herbalist, mother…She has a healing story for you.


Suzanne's programs are individually designed to bring out the natural voice of her students, many of whom learned English as a subsequent language.

Others seek her out to find the keys to the next stage of their lives.
Suzanne will help you dream your next self into being, as you imagine opening that magical door.

Programs / Workshops Offered

Body, Speech and Mind: Beginning with a simple mindfulness meditation, we connect with ourselves, settle, and then speak from our own place of inner knowing.

Take Courage, My Love: Listening, drawing, moving and sharing--finding our sources of wisdom and strength.

Five Fingers of Bone Mother: A longer immersion in five wisdom tales that bear healing medicine.

Target Audience

Those that love and respect stories, themselves, and each other.

Geographic Area

I will travel to those that will treat me with care, house me with respect, and compensate me well.
Santo, Suzanne Banay