Professional Level Storyteller

Name: Molly Sutkaitis
Phone Number: (416) 239-1345
Website: n/a


I was born on October 18 1933,
in the Royal and Ancient borough of Rutherglen which is now part of Glasgow. Those of us who had the joy of being born in Rutherglen hold dearly to that fact.
We lived with my maternal Grandfather until I was almost seven. Granda McKee retired when I was around four. He told me he was hanging up his boots and he would have more time to be with me. Each day after breakfast we went to Granda’s Garden which was an allotment at the border of Rutherglen. Granda has a small greenhouse on that allotment. When it rained we went inside, then Granda would tell me tales of Finn McCool and other Irish heroes. Granda was a wonderful storyteller.
I have been a widow since my husband died in 1986. We had one gift of love, Angela who is a shy person and becomes embarrassed when I talk of how wonderful she is!
I took up Storytelling as a hobby during International Women’s Year when I was told by one of the group that I had the gift of the storyteller and was asked if I was using it. That led me to 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling. I later took a course in Sacred Storytelling after Robert Bela Wilhelm came to Toronto and am a member of The Guild of Sacred Storytellers.


I tell occasionally at The Children’s Liturgy at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Toronto.

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I will travel anywhere to tell