Professional Level Storyteller

Name: Lynn Torrie
Phone Number: (416) 778-8063
Website: n/a


Lynn began telling as a teen, when she discovered that the children she babysat would go to bed eagerly when a story was offered. Later, she worked this same magic as a camp counsellor, and then with her own children.
It was only when she began telling in her place of worship, however, that she realised the joy of performance storytelling, for audiences of all ages.
She loves the traditional wisdom tales, that teach us how to live well with others and with the environment. She tells wonder tales of magic and adventure. She has a passion for history and tells tales of earlier life in Canada.
Lynn tells stories anywhere that people will listen: schools, churches, community centres, markets…She is a regular teller at Toronto’s 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling and has performed in the Toronto Storytelling Festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Lynn has a repertoire of well over 100 traditional folk tales and can create a program to suit your needs!

Sample Programs:
Folktales from Around the World
Tales of Adventure
Lions, Tigers and Bears
Spooky Tales
Peace Tales
Stories to Build Character
Life in Early Ontario

Programs / Workshops Offered

Introduction to Storytelling: learn the basics of how to tell a tale, without having to memorise!

Target Audience

All Ages & Families (0-120)
School Groups (K-8)*
Youth and Adult

*Lynn has worked for 30 years as an Occupational Therapist for children with special needs. She can adapt to the attention spans and cognitive skills of a variety of listeners.

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Torrie, Lynn