Professional Level Storyteller

Name: Sage Tyrtle
Phone Number: (416) 519-5143


Today, I’m a storyteller. I draw from a rich well of experience – including living in a tent for two years, my lesbian schizophrenic mother, almost killing people with my evil mind control (NO REALLY) – to draw my audience in and enthrall them with true stories.

I give warm and informal storytelling workshops. In schools, in corporate settings, for individuals and groups. No matter what the situation, knowing how to tell a compelling story matters. It’s the difference between your audience listening, or checking their phone.

I tell stories all over Toronto, including True Stories Told Live, Dare, and Stories of Ours. I tell folktales in schools and senior centres. I’ve been invited to participate in the SOULO Festival, the FOOL Festival and the Toronto Storytelling Festival. My stories have been featured on both NPR’s Snap Judgment and CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera.


I tell short (between 5 and 25 minute) true stories from my odd life, geared towards adults.

75 minute solo show, “Boxes Buried Deep”.

I tell interactive, high energy folktales (between 5 and 20 minute) to children.

Programs / Workshops Offered

We tell stories all the time, every day, but it’s the deeper stories, the ones that changed your life, that should be told more often.

This course focuses on high stakes content: a true personal story with big emotional investment, relationship, and change and the mechanics of writing and performing that story with lyricism and investment.

We will discuss what makes a strong high stakes story, story structure, editing, the importance of detail, and connecting with the audience. High energy games form a large part of the learning process.

Every class will include up thirty minutes a week of homework. This challenging course culminates in a 7 minute high stakes true story, told during the last class to your friends and family.

Target Audience

Adults: 18+

Teens: 12 – 17

Children: 5 – 11

Geographic Area

I am willing to travel when needed. Travel costs are extra.