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Memories Into Stories: An Online Resource Guide

In December 2016, Storytelling Toronto, in conjunction with Kensington Gardens Long Term Care, The Neighbourhood Group, and the Arts & Health Program at Baycrest Health Sciences, held two workshops and a symposium as part of The Storycare Project. Storycare was a new approach to integrating the art and experience of storytelling into healthcare and community leadership settings. Programming included workshops led by facilitators Norma Cameron and Rani Sanderson and talks by storytelling-in-palliative-care leader Mary Louise Chown, and Alzheimer’s expert Dr. Steven R. Sabat, in addition to performances and story circles led by veteran local storytellers. Memories Into Stories grew out of the project, and now exists as an online resource guide for older people and their carers, to understand the connection between storytelling and its mental health benefits more deeply.



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