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The purpose of Storytelling Toronto’s teaching program is to help all students, at whatever level of their storytelling experience, to achieve a deeper connection with the stories they tell and thus better communicate the stories to those who listen.

Foundational Courses: First Steps (Storytelling I) is typically the course most begin with, but Summer Intensive is also open to all levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans. Next Steps (Storytelling II) is open to those who wish to take their telling further, whether they have taken First Steps in the past, or have equivalent experience. We offer the Master Class (Storytelling III) for advanced and professional-level storytellers.

We also offer a variety of themed courses, whether it is taking your story from a narrative to a script for a puppet show, shaping your family stories, to bilingual storytelling. Our non-foundational courses vary from year to year, so check back! Our newest addition is Threads of Melusine instructed by Michelle Tocher. NB: Threads of Melusine‘s registration is full. Please check back or contact for further inquiry.

In addition to our core and special courses, Storytelling Toronto also facilitates private courses and workshops tailored to client needs. If you are looking for a professional development workshop for teachers or librarians, or leadership development for corporate employees or interns, you have come to the right place. Send an e-mail to to inquire.

Course registration for Summer Intensive (July 2018) is now open!

Summer Intensive (July 2018)

Dates: Thursday July 12 – Saturday July 14 (10 am – 5 pm),
and Sunday July 15 (1 pm – 5 pm)
Venue: St. George the Martyr, 197 John Street, Toronto ON
Teacher: Marylyn Peringer
Fee: $391 Early Bird / $415 after June 28

Summer Intensive | July 2018

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There are more opportunities for telling and for listening in this four-day course, open to both beginner and veteran storytellers. Some time will be devoted to personal stories, but the course focuses on the folktale as the model for all kinds of storytelling.  Each participant will choose a story from material supplied by the instructor and then learn (not memorize) it through a series of enjoyable, non-stressful activities, often with partners, designed to deepen the teller’s connection with the story. On the last day of the course, all participants tell their stories to the group and receive helpful feedback from the group and the instructor.

As part of the course, registrants visit the special folk and fairy tale collections at the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, attend the 1,001 Friday Nights of Storytelling, and enjoy a social event to meet other members of the Toronto storytelling community.

Dates: Thursday July 12 – Saturday July 14 (10 am – 5 pm), Sunday July 15 (1 pm – 5 pm)
Venue: St. George the Martyr, 197 John Street, Toronto ON
Teacher: Marylyn Peringer
Fee: $391 Early Bird / $415 after June 28

Summer Intensive | July 2018


Do you love stories, but hesitate to tell them to others? Could you use some help in getting started within a warm and supportive environment? Then sign up for our weekend, Storytelling I: First Steps Into the Art. You’ll develop listening skills, gain confidence, learn how to give and receive feedback.

Dates: TBA
Venue: Lillian H. Smith Branch, Toronto Public Library, 239 College Street
Teachers: Lynda Howes and Marylyn Peringer
Fee: TBA

Registration for this course has not yet opened. Please check back in July!

Here is what former students have to say!

“I had hoped to find my inner courage and face my fear of speaking in front of a group. I believe I always knew I have the ability, and I wanted a safe and caring space to take the step to show myself I can do it!” —Maria Papadopolous

“I have an increased love of stories and a sense that I can be a storyteller.” — Gwen Stevenson

“We were gently but effectively led along our own storytelling journey in a way that made it truly meaningful.” — Jessica

“. . . my hopes were fulfilled and I’m able to take a little bit of everyone’s story away with me to create my own!” — Loen Hansford

“This has been very helpful in my growth as a storyteller, listener . . . as a teacher, facilitator, parent, grandparent . . .” — Dinny Biggs

GODDESS STORIES (October 2017)

This storytelling odyssey surveys some of the most formidable feminine faces to grace the ancient world. We journey from Isis’ burial of her husband-brother Osiris, the first Pharaoh, and her mystical conception of Horus, who avenges Osiris’ death; to Durga’s colossal prowess in battle, born from the wrath of the Indian gods, she who consecrates kings; to Lakshmi’s birth from the churning of the cosmic ocean, when the demons and gods procured the elixir of immortality; to Ishtar’s descent into the Babylonian underworld, along with her colourful encounter with the epic hero Gilgamesh. The ancient myth-makers have encoded the essence of what it means to be human in such rich, archetypal tales.  In imbibing and digesting these stories, you will enrich your own story, infusing it with the insight, energy, and grace proper to the goddesses featured within.

Dates: TBA
Venue: b current, Suite 251, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street
Teacher: Dr. Raj Balkaran (
Fee$190 Early Bird / $228 after October 1 / if you cannot attend all four sessions $60/each


Family stories include accounts of events in the teller’s own life, stories handed down within the family and stories of family history discovered through research. During this course participants will discuss the stories they wish to tell, experience the process of shaping a story so that it will connect with an audience and will have a chance to tell it.

Dates: TBA
Venue: Story Room Toronto
Teacher: Celia Lottridge
Fee: TBA

Registration for this course has not yet opened. Please check back in July!


Telling bilingually can spice up a story, may be helpful in second-language learning, and will add authenticity to tales from a particular culture. If you are functionally fluent in a language other than English, you’re welcome to join us in this hands-on course. And you’ll have fun!

Dates: TBA
Venue: Storytelling Toronto at the Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, Studio 173
Facilitator: Marylyn Peringer
Fee: TBA

Registration for this course has not yet opened. Please check back in July!


Social Media for Storytellers Workshop

Saturday, December 2, 2017 | 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Facilitated by Arts Educator Sheniz Janmohamed

In an increasingly virtual world, effectively navigating and utilising social media has become crucial to bridging connections, building audiences and fostering community.

Social Media for Storytellers will provide storytellers with tools and support they need to hone their social media skills, promote their projects and develop their brand as storytellers.

From crafting captivating content to developing and refining your online presence, this workshop will leave you feeling confident about showcasing your artistry through social media platform/s of your choice.

*bring your smartphone, iPad or laptop*

Topics covered:
*Introduction to various social media platforms and their functions
*Choosing the right platform for you
*Writing effective bylines
*Crafting an online aesthetic that aligns with your mandate as an artist
*Building connections through social media

Sheniz Janmohamed (MFA) is an author, artist educator and spoken word artist and occasional land artist. She has performed nationally and internationally for over 10 years and has been featured at various venues including the Jaipur Literature Festival, TedxYouth@Toronto, and the Aga Khan Museum. She is also the author of two collections of poetry: Bleeding Light (Mawenzi House, 2010) and Firesmoke (Mawenzi House, 2014).

Sheniz was a Mentor-Artist for the Digital Media Arts Program at the Royal Conservatory, where she helped teachers and students develop and refine their digital media skills to create art projects on and offline. Sheniz was also the 2015 recipient of the Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming Creative Teaching Scholarship, and served as a Resident Teacher at Artscape Youngplace.

She is a firm believer in fostering community through collaboration, compassion and creativity. In her own practice, she strives to embody her words through performance, nature mandala-making and writing in the ghazal form. She is the founder of Questions for Ancestors, a blog that features writers, artists and creatives across Canada.

Storytelling III: MASTER CLASS

If you’re an experienced teller and wish to work on a particular storytelling project—shaping a memoir, crafting an original story, adapting a challenging folk tale—then Storytelling III: Master Class may be the place for you.  You’ll have a forum to present and re-present your work as well as critique the work of others in the group, all under the expert guidance of a storyteller and author.

Dates: TBA
Venue: Story Room Toronto
Teacher: Celia Lottridge
Fee: TBA

**Registration for this course has not yet opened. Please check back in July!


Threads of Melusine

Registration for this course is now full, but we hope to have it on offer again! Keep checking back or inquire at to have your name added to the waiting list.

Click on Melusine below
to be re-directed for more information on this exciting upcoming course!

Storytelling II: NEXT STEPS (May 2019)

If you’ve already taken a beginner’s storytelling course *, and would like to widen your repertoire, develop your confidence, and have more opportunities for telling, Storytelling II: Next Steps is for you.

PRE-REQUISITE: Storytelling I: First Steps Into the Art of Storytelling OR equivalent experience

Registration for this course has not yet opened. Please check back in July!

Venue: Lillian H. Smith Branch, Toronto Public Library, 239 College Street
Teachers: Ruth Danziger and Lynda Howes
Fee: TBA

Here is what some past participants have to say about some of our courses:

It helped me to focus more on the characters and the descriptions of the scenes. The practices piece with a partner were invaluable. As my story’s language was challenging, I learned to change my energy which is difficult at most times. Thank you for all of your feedback and ideas. I’ll be back for Next Steps (Storytelling II). –Kathleen Smyth, on First Steps (Storytelling I)

I feel I know so much more about how to tell a story, the importance of the use of specific language in telling folk tales, and especially the importance of relaying the story from one’s heart. The exercises we did were very helpful in this regard. Marylyn and Lynda you are the heart of this class, and I thank you for all that you have given to us. You import more than knowledge. Thank you. –Susan Hartman

I really enjoyed what we learned, which was more focused on the “telling” aspect, and I’ll try and incorporate this into my telling and communications moving forward. Thank you so much for everything! –Neal Khosla

I felt like I got more from the course than I was expecting. Lynda and Marylyn gave us the tools and exercises to connect and become a story in a way that allowed me to learn how to tell the story more from my heart than my head. Thanks! –Camlin Vinayagamoorthy (TPL)

It was wonderful. Thank you so much. Visualization was excellent. I loved the last day hearing the stories and the feedback for all. –Dorothy Denton


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Cancellation Policy

Please note that the deadline for cancellations is two weeks prior to the course date.  Cancellations received after this deadline will be subject to a cancellation charge of 50% of the course fee.  In the event that the course is cancelled by Storytelling Toronto, you will receive a full refund.