Storytelling Toronto’s History

Storytelling Toronto began life in 1979 as the Storytellers School of Toronto. It was founded by seven storytellers who wanted to encourage the renaissance of storytelling in modern society. Storytelling Toronto is run primarily by volunteers, and supported by part-time paid staff. The original seven storytellers added others to the leadership, and the organization is now overseen by a Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting held in October. Storytelling Toronto makes its home at the Artscape Wychwood Barns.

The first program offered was a storytelling course taught by the late Alice Kane, and the organization has continued to teach, explore, and celebrate the traditional art of oral storytelling since then. Over the years many hundreds of people have taken courses and workshops at Storytelling Toronto, and many thousands of have come to the annual Toronto Storytelling Festival to enjoy stories told by local, national, and international storytellers. From experienced, seasoned elders to young tellers experimenting with the nature of spoken narrative, Storytelling Toronto is a creative centre for story-lovers who share a passion for and a vision of storytelling as an transformative art in contemporary life.

Storytelling Toronto continues to run the annual festival and courses for adults. It also produces the weekly StoryTent at The Stop Farmer’s Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns, concert series StoryFusion Cabaret!, a resource library, and regular e-newsletters for a community that includes well over a thousand storytellers, story-listeners, teachers, librarians, theatre artists, writers, parents, and others. The organization’s latest project is an online resource guide for older people and their carers called Memories Into Stories, born out of the The Storycare Project, in which two workshops and a symposium were organized.

Storytelling Toronto (then The Storytellers’ School of Toronto) featured in The Toronto Sun, March, 1979.
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Board Members

  • Karen Blair

    Karen Blair

    Board Member

  • Nick Miceli

    Nick Miceli

    Board Member

  • Briane Nasimok

    Briane Nasimok

    Board Member

  • Paul Robert

    Paul Robert

    Board Member (President)

  • Leah Stinson

    Leah Stinson

    Board Member

  • Molly Sutkaitis

    Molly Sutkaitis

    Board Member

Storytelling Toronto is run primarily by part-time paid staff and supported by volunteers. The Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Meeting, held in the autumn.

Interested in joining the Board? All members of Storytelling Toronto are eligible! If you would like to know more about getting involved with the Board, get in touch at admin@storytellingtoronto.org.

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Pippin is Storytelling Toronto’s quarterly newsletter, bringing you storytelling articles and reviews, interviews with local and visiting storytellers, and listings of events including storytelling groups and gatherings around the city and the province. Supporters of Storytelling Toronto receive an e-copy of Pippin four times per year. Click on the drop down menu below to look at back issues.

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